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Breed Your Next Winner 

Meet the Breeder

Carone Stucky

Carone Stucky has over 40 years of experience successfully training in the hunters, jumpers and equitation. She has trained horses and riders at all levels from Grand Prix jumpers, Confirmation Hunters and Medal Maclay. 

Carone Stucky has conducted her breeding program for over five years with huge success. Carone's eye for quality is evident in her stallion Triple Gold and the offspring produced. The babies in her program are second to none. 

tres aunt caron shot.JPG

Triple Gold Highlights


  • WEC Ocala Reserve Champion 3'6" Confirmation Hunters

  • WEC Ocala Green Confirmation Hunter Champion


  • Terrenova Equestrian Center Reserve Champion 3'3" Green Hunters

  • Terrenova Equestrian Center Green Incentive Winner

  • Terrenova Equestrian Centre National Hunter Derby Winner

Want to learn more about breeding or offspring?

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