Lessons & Boarding

Monthly Board

Board is $700 per month and includes five one hour group riding lessons. Daily turnout, weather permitting Veterinary program which includes periodic worming and preventive care. Dental programs which improves feed efficiency and can solve some performance problems. Specialized medications for each horse when needed. Individual care with custom feed program. Farrier services are routinely scheduled.

Lessons for boarders (People owning their own horse)
  • Boarders have five prepaid riding lessons per month.
    Additional group riding lessons are $30
  • Semi-private lessons are $45
  • Private riding lessons are $55
Lessons for students (People using a school horse)
  • Group riding lessons $45
  • Private riding lessons are $60
Training Rides
  • Horse training rides are $30 per ride


The relationship between a horse and rider is sacred. Developing trust is essential to forming a lasting bond that will remain for a lifetime. Part of that trust comes from choosing the right boarding for your horse. Hedge and Turf Farm has expert horseback riding lessons available as well as exceptional horse boarding in Michigan.

We can create the necessary atmosphere and foundation to strengthen the relationship between you and your horse. With our assistance and revered care, you will quickly cultivate a binding connection, establishing trust, friendship, and compassion. We can administer medications and plan customized feedings on your behalf to ensure that your animal is always cared for properly.

Contact us today to learn more about our rates and methods!